Finding the Medicine of Scorpio

This month has so far found me being rebellious, my inner observer seeming to become more challenging. After the new moon in Scorpio, many of us may feel overly sensitive to our own thoughts, feelings, or actions that may not fit into a societal status quo. The upcoming Mars transit in Scorpio, especially when squaringContinue reading “Finding the Medicine of Scorpio”

Everyday Magic: The Pendulum

When the Pendulum speaks, what voice do you hear? When the Pendulum speaks, does the answer come forth loud and clear? When the Pendulum speaks, can you feel the liminal near? When the Pendulum speaks, do you feel curiosity or fear? The pendulum is one of many tools a witch may use in magic orContinue reading “Everyday Magic: The Pendulum”

Divination: Leaning In

When I intuitively know there is something deeper that I need to understand, how can I truly build up and connect to the divine for guidance? This is not a restless feeling, it is more of a curiosity. Where am I going, what am I here for, what is my purpose, and who is coming with me?

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