Awaken The Ancestors

As the veil between worlds thins and sunlight wanes, the time of deep Witch’s work begins. Many of us are turning inward, getting rooted a little more deeply, and we are every bit closer to those who made us. They echo through the veil and through time and space.

They reverberate in our blood with every heartbeat.

We have ancestors, spirits of place and land, and the spirits of who we no longer are because of who we are becoming. Any one of these can provide a connection that supports our awareness and our work. As we awaken the ancestral tribe echoing within, we can traverse the thinning veil where they may shine a light on the path to greater becoming.

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Of the Ancestral Tribe

Whether we know our roots or just starting to grasp what it has taken to bring our spirit into a genetically coded body, the ancestral tribe can be both a source of strength and detriment. We can connect better by seeing symbolically through the lens of our own ‘root’, the first chakra. This is where the first echo begins, when we know that there is something tribal or of our animal nature (survival) that is preventing us from thriving in ways that align with our intentions.

It is here that they show up as strength, echoing for our attention on what we need to release into the earth during this season to create the space of growth in the next.

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Of the Earth

The prelude of this journey at the Autumn Equinox allows us to get into connection with the land where we reside and where we perform our own sacred rites. We see the landscape changing, dropping the leaves that make space for new growth and we see seeds falling to earth from which they will sprout. Our journey with spirits of land and place mirrors the journey of honoring our own cycles of spiritual release, rootedness, retrieving nourishment, and regeneration. The spirits of land and place connect with us deeply if we are open to the messages and it is complementary to the echoes of our own mighty dead.

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Of Becoming

There are many layers and journeys of becoming. I wish I could say there is a magical formula I wield that allows for one and done spells of becoming. The cycles and patterns of nature, of humanness, require a dynamic interchange between where we are now, where we have been, where we are going, and our experiences in those places of being.

It is a liminal space of standing at the center and awakening all the people we have ever been.

It is noticing the amazing spectrum of where and who we have been that allows us to take a present-day inventory of any remnants of the past still lingering with us that no longer belong. It is a sacred time-walking journey of releasing back to the past those things that do not align with our intentional life we are building in the future.

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The Preparations

In witchery, it is often a learned practice to slow ourselves down through meditation, the use of plant allies and their sacred smoke, or shamanic drumming and breathwork. It could be any number of things utilized to create a space of awareness required to listen deeply. Here are some possible tools that may help to get into that space:

An Incense

Certain plant spirits can help calm, soothe, and encourage our ability to see. One of my favorite ways to connect is through using a mix of Lavender, Mugwort, a small amount of Benzoin, and Yarrow. This can also be used as an offering for those who we will be calling forward for guidance.

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An Oil

The great thing about oils is that they can be used for so many things, but my favorite is using it to anoint objects and myself. Try creating an oil with Mugwort, Bay Leaves, Rosemary, and Lavender. Whether you choose to heat over low heat (never boiling) to coax the medicine out of the plants for your journey or choose to let the plant material diffuse in a jar in a dark place for days, this is an amazing third eye blend.

Awaken the Ancestors

Prepare yourself as you would for any deep work, lighting incense, creating your protected space, doing breathwork, or simply by having space and time to yourself for 20-30 minutes. Once you are in a space of calm and ready to connect, anoint your third eye with an oil.

Ask the ancestors to awaken and provide wisdom.

Ask the spirits of land and place to be with you and receive your offerings.

Call forward the past versions of self that will welcome the pieces you still hold on to that no longer align with who you are becoming.

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Imagine them sitting around you. Do you smell anything different? Has the energy changed? Open yourself up to receive their messages, continue to breathe deeply knowing you are grounded, you are safe, and you are connecting. Once you have received their messages, offer the ancestors and spirits of land and place some of the incense before they depart. The past versions of self, offer them thanks and incense for who they are and speak what you will be returning to them soon.

Once you are done and back in everyday consciousness, write down the messages you have received. Sit with it over the next few weeks as the veil continues to thin. Take note of any dreams that you have during this time as more messages may come forward.

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