Daring to Care

Welcome to Cancer Season! Cancer season brings about the waters, whether it is finding ourselves near a body of water or the waters of the body that create community, family, and moments of deep connection. As we move past the Solstice, we can review the landscape of our lives with deep reverence, gratitude, and care.

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The Waters

The sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon. We know the moon impacts the tides and we know it impacts us too. Guiding our intuition, our ever flowing emotions, and our ability to connect with both. Our physical waters within the body take great care in how it moves to supply nutrients, remove toxic build up, and balance an internal environment conducive to connection and creation in all aspects. The waters, indeed, take great care!

A personal offering to the Moon ~ photos by Kaycee Reeves

What Does “Daring to Care” Mean For Us?

This topic, once we really sink down into it, opens us to a sacred personal conversation with ourselves. It can reveal to us places we have courage and those that we’ve disconnected from entirely. Much like the waters of the body, bringing awareness to this idea can allow us to care for ourselves and our purpose in this life.

To Dare & Care

To “dare” is to have courage, to come from a place of unknowing what will transpire, but doing it anyway. Our intuitive knowing and our connection to various energies move us in a way that requires us to embrace a lesson (good or not so good), and the universe creates the scene for us. When we dare, we are embracing it fully.

To “care”, and even sometimes showing care, is exceedingly difficult to embrace. It gets somewhat spicy to think about when we look at our society and sometimes even when we look in the mirror. From corporations to many of our social platforms ~ the tone policing, the lack of care in the form of words and actions, and some of the misplaced and misguided anger (as well as ignorance) are seriously detrimental to care. Care for oneself, care for others, or even this deep dive into what really matters: what we truly care about. What we feel called to cultivate care for.

Created by Mary C and Kaycee Reeves

Even more damning is that care, how we show it and how we receive it, may not always align or balance out. When we care so much about everything, we lose sight of our purpose or priorities. When we don’t care about anything, we are disconnected from making an impact. There is a saying in the corporate world that actually fits: if everything is a priority then nothing is.

Anchoring Down & In

The beautiful thing about being a unique facet of the divine is that our personal mode or definition of “dare to care” can and will be vastly different. Within the Revelations of a Witch Circle, Dark Goddess Collective, we’ve been able to connect deeply with each other by asking the questions:

  • What does “Dare to Care” to you?
  • How do you show care?

I offer my own definition of “dare to care” and the ways in which I show care for the purpose of allowing others to compare, contrast, and share should you wish to! For me, “dare to care” is having the courage to listen to my guides, my inner world, and act in ways that show care as balanced as I can ~ even when I rage with others at injustices or find myself passionate about something.

When I’m about to get batshit passionate…you just know 😂 ~ Kaycee

I show care in numerous ways, from a quick check in with myself and others, to little gifts, to being curious about what nurturing means to others too! I show care more often by appreciation, belongingness, listening, and possibly pushing a belief in others that they don’t see (yet!) to give them support and courage to embrace their wildest dreams.

I can’t wait to see the responses from everyone. Feel free to comment, share on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok with your definition and use #DGCdaretocare so we can watch powerful definitions come forward!

A Candle & A Key ~ Kaycee

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