The Season of The Culling

“As we head into the Season of The Culling, we know first harvest is coming up. The Great Mother Earth releases her bounty and we retrieve what we’ll need to make it through the Season of The Bones.

Much like this cycle of Great Mother, our wisdom and growth demands we cut away in preparation for the next Season. By doing so, we are able to retrieve and honor wisdom of The Season of the Bones. Some of these things we cut away are in fact a harvest of bountiful teachings and lessons, retrieving parts of us we thought long lost ~ while others are saved to nourish us deeply later on.”

Dark Goddess Collective ~ Thoughtful Thursday by Kaycee Reeves
Photo by Kaycee Reeves, features The Queen from The Wild Unknown Archetypes deck by Kim Krans.

Nurturing Sovereignty

The Season of The Culling is making its way to us and I find myself more empowered to harness this season from a place of full ownership. From the lessons and the abundance to those things that must see an end: this season conjures up the images of the Queen protecting all that she stewards in preparation for the next season. Nurturing sovereignty through culling what doesn’t serve us is the ultimate space maker for manifesting what does.

Divination for The Culling

The Season of The Culling is that of the harvest. We take what we need to nurture us through the darkness that will come. We also take an inventory of the lessons and knowledge bestowed upon us. We celebrate the good fortune, the abundance, and we begin to cut away all that will not continue forward with us.

How will The Season of The Culling hold the balance for us to prosper in all ways?

From New Witch, Who Dis? in our year ahead preparation course in Dark Goddess Collective, created by Kaycee Reeves.

The Crown of Resistance

Many of us wear a crown of resistance. Personal experience has taught me that I will cling to comfort of what is known and wear the crown of resistance until the universe knocks it off of my head at the most inopportune time.

She snatches whatever I am holding on to that doesn’t align with my soul purpose and forces me into a place of uncomfortable growth.

When we stare at the doors of the castle of our lives in fear of what lurks behind them we are also sending the message that we aren’t interested in opportunities that lay beyond them. If you find yourself wearing this crown, it only gets heavier, but you can remove it. However, just know if you don’t, she will remove it for you eventually.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Collective Rising

The big picture here is not just you or me. There is a natural shift happening in the universal collective consciousness. The rugged individualism of western culture has not served us well. While many of us are going through what appears to be individual shifts, the purpose is a linking of arms and a coming together to create ripples of change together. We all do this. We all create a ripple in our sphere of influence, a vibration that aligns us with our purpose and passion, and it begins to resonate (or ripple) in ways that connect us to others.

If those doors in your castle are closed and you are wearing that crown of resistance, what ripples have you closed to yourself?

What calling and vibrations are you missing that could lead to unbelievable opportunity?

Culling that crown could be the key you never knew you held!

A Candle & A Key,


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