The Stretch & Radical Rebellion

Radical Rebellion

I have felt the tension of polarities, the stretching between dualities upon a vast spectrum of who I am and who I am becoming. Sometimes, this stretch towards becoming threatened to snap back. I know I am not alone in this. In fact, it is not just me as a microcosm either. The entire macrocosm is feeling this type of stretch, into becoming, reaching to shift into something different entirely. Before it is too late to shift at all.  

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Turtle & The Bridge

I keep discovering hidden truths in connection with Turtle, my guide for this year thus far, as well as the word “bridge” as the word for the year. I assumed on the surface that it would be me, taking my time, belly to the ground, and feeling into my resonance with the world. What I learned is that turtles have additional sensory perception and adaptations, that include detection of change in both pressure and vibration.

They may not respond quickly, but they know what is coming.

It took me longer to recognize that the growing tension I feel is an adaptation, an additional sensory perception, not of just my resonance with the world, but the other way. It is speaking to me, feeling…with me. Exchanging notes with me and how we ripple out, in becoming something entirely different. Together.  

Created by Kaycee Reeves

A Name

I assumed the word “bridge” would increase my focus on building bridges. My ability to link arms, to be in community and power with. To find ways to remove the obstacles between my witchery and the world at large to facilitate change. It wasn’t until recently that I recognized ‘Bridge’ not as a word, but a name. An epithet. One bestowed upon me.

Radical Rebellion

What does Turtle or ‘Bridge’ have to do with Radical Rebellion? Well…everything. When we level up in our magic, in our ability to be multilingual in resonance with the world around us, the shift cannot go backwards.

We cannot stay the same.

It is peering over the abyss, looking down upon status quo that doesn’t care about anything except what else it can take, and knowing that you are going to build the damn bridge that crosses over that to take as many folks with you as you can.

You not only create it, but you ARE it for those that are ready to cross it.

Those that want to be a part of the magic and transformation of a collective shift. Those who know we are more powerful together. From where I stand, the magic of such resonance and the evolution in humanity is the most radical rebellion of all. For you are a bridge too.

A Candle & A Key,


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