Choice of Arrival

How are you arriving today?

How are you arriving in the next season?

These are questions that have been posed to me from numerous coaches, teachers, and healers. They are powerful questions that invite us deeper.

Hagstones are amazing tools for arrival and to see beyond!

Choosing Our Arrival

These questions are not just powerful. They are also tough to answer. They are tough once we recognize that they imply choice. And they do!

It absolutely is a choice of how we’re arriving.

  • Am I arriving grounded?
  • Am I arriving present?
  • Am I arriving open to weaving life with the universe as I find fulfilling?

The Quest

What if we asked ourselves these questions each morning? What impact do you think it could have?

You could always find out…

For the next seven days wake up and ask yourself how you are arriving today and journal on it for five minutes. See what happens at the end of that seven days!

  • Do you feel as if you were more present?
  • Do you feel as if you made better decisions?
  • Did you feel more connected to the choices that you made each day?
  • Did they create an awareness of what was needed each day to show up in congruence with how you said you’d arrive?
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The Choices We Make

Like all choices that we make, the power of focus and intention behind them will determine the probability of success. The choice to focus on how we greet and arrive at each day, and at each season is no different. The power of the word of the witch is an amazing testament to how much we will focus and flow with the songs that we sing through the vibration of our own voice.

If you also claim this word, I would like to encourage you to speak your choice and mode of arrival at each day out loud.

A Candle & A Key,


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