Awakening the 5th Element

Ever since the weekend of the witches, I have felt drawn to do things that are outside my comfort zone. I do not mean a little outside of my comfort zone either. It is about facing my fear of failure or perfectionism: that little voice inside of my head that says to “stick to what you know”. Herein lies the problem.

What I have known has kept me bound, chained, stagnating or at a pace of growth that is within certain limits.

I am a Goddess and I too, am wild and free. That weekend taught me to stop putting limits on myself just because I may not be good at something, or because I am scared, or because I might not be doing it right. Those self-imposed boundaries must go. I awakened the Goddess within, and she is fierce. Looking back on it now, the message could not be any clearer. The weekend of the witches was nestled in the Ring of Fire!

Through the flames I go, and from the ash, I rise whole…

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Goddess Mode

In my last article, I wrote about the 4 elements and recognizing them in my life with ways for others to connect to them (especially during the COVID-19 pandemic). I saved the 5th element for its own article because it is me. It is you. It is unique. It was only through creating a poppet in a lesson within my coven that I recognized the Sacred 5th element for what it is. It is our Sovereign Wholeness.

It is the embodiment of the pattern of nature. It is made manifest in how I create, destroy, bind, release, and connect.

I was taught by embracing the flames of Hekate’s Sacred Fire and through harnessing that power, I brought a poppet to life through the same vibrational philosophy that gave the macrocosm and microcosm a spirit and a heartbeat: Purpose.

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Physical Form

From the fabric selected to using Mandrake, Benzoin, Mugwort, and Sage, it was tricky but worth the time to connect with them. This connection created the spirit of fire within her, providing the warrior spirit of banishing, cleansing, and protecting my space.

Photo by Annie Spratt via Unsplash

The Force: Rise, Darling

It is not enough to create her form, she may have a spirit within, but her physical form still must merge with her purpose to be brought to life. A heartbeat so to speak. This is not unlike being human and our journeys to our purpose. In my practice, I write incantations to manifest what I wish to create. The incantations I use are mostly words of power.

These are words that harness deep meaning and are powerful when spoken, the vibration of my vocal cords giving them additional power.

I chose something different this time. I placed her within the whirring wheel on my altar and gave it a spin, calling to her from within the Strophalos that is the present moment in the wheel of the year. As it spun, I used vibration from a handpan to create the heartbeat of her physical form that provided her spirit the purpose in her creation. The only words I spoke were “Rise, Darling”.

If you have never heard of a handpan or have never witnessed the vibrations, you can view it here (this one is made by OHM Handpans, in C minor):

A candle and a key,


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