The Whirring of The Wheel

I’ve often contemplated the Strophalos and the whirring of the Sacred Wheel of Time. Numerous authors have historically described the whirring sound of the Inyx or Hekate’s Wheel.

How can I recreate this? I want to see it and I want to hear it! Does it sound beautiful? Ominous?

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Ready, Set…Trance!

I stumbled upon recreating this by accident… or was it? I believe preparation for this Dark Moon had me in a different space. I felt connected to the moment so deeply that I sat my fingers over my offerings to her and when I lifted them, it began to spin slightly. Then it dawned on me:

I had to spin the wheel myself! I can go backwards or forwards or stand in the center, but the power of my connection with Hekate allows me the power to spin it.

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As I Will It, It Is So!

I spun the wheel of my offerings and the sound was not of this plane of existence. My body settled. My mind cleared. I felt my body, my mind, and my own divine spark come into a unified space. The very whirring sound drawing me into wholeness and deeply into the liminal.

Coming Face to Face With a Goddess

I came face to face with my Goddess of The Crossroads. I spoke to her energetic force directly, to give my offerings and express my gratitude for the ways she has partnered with and through me. To rise as one of her Chosen. To move, to shapeshift, to howl at the moon, to embrace growth and healing, and to collect my own keys in this beautiful life of mine that is still in creation.

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How to Create Your Own Magic Whirring

We are witches, most of us have candles or have had them in the past and literally have no use for the tops of the glass ones! Do not throw them out! I use them as little offering bowls and these will spin.

Photo by Author

While the sound it makes cannot be heard in the clip below (I did not spin it extremely fast), you still can sense the magic here:

A candle and a key,


Feature Image Credit: Lena Bell via Unsplash

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