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Magic is not relegated to after office hours, although that is when I happen to perform so much of my own witchery. The thing about building a witchcraft practice is that it means we build it up and actually practice it day to day. We create our own rituals, our own flow, and we leave behind things that do not fit for us.

The biggest hindrance to my own practice is separation from my everyday work.

I have worked diligently at recognizing there is no separation between being a witch, practicing my craft, and what I do day to day. Whether you are a professional witch or a witch with a profession, witchcraft has a place in careers too!

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No Limits

The amount of witchery that can be tied into the workday (or night) is only held captive by the limits of our imagination. Some of the most profound witchery I have created has been centered around a career where I felt disenchanted, enslaved, and a deep sense of hopelessness. Through removing this illusion of separation between my Hekatean witchery and my everyday profession, my craft shines through in my own corporate part of the world and I have seen it shine in nurses, veterinarians, gardeners, 3rd grade teachers, first responders, sex workers, and anywhere that the cycle of creation and destruction is found.


  • The cycle of creation and destruction is everywhere.
  • It is the pure alchemy and pattern in nature itself.
  • It is in your very bones and that of every other thing in this world.
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Workplace Witchery

The following list of working witchcraft are items that I have tried for specific outcomes. It is easy to determine the how if I know the ‘what’. To find your what, here are some questions that go a long way to help translate and dig deeper:

  • What do I want or need?
  • Is this just for today?
  • Am I adding or removing energy?

With a desk or cubicle

I am extremely privileged to work from home. This makes it much easier to light a tea light candle, sprinkle some herbs and chant my intention for the day at my desk. However, it was not that long ago that I did not work from home. How does one witch at work with a corporate office space or cubicle?

The Mouse Pad

Most desks have computers, and many people use a mouse with a mouse pad. Those are magic! I have used mine in two ways. On the bottom of my own, I have a sigil for abundance and clarity. On the top, I use various oils depending on the day’s focus.

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The Portal Pouch

One of my all-time favorite ways to connect with the Universe for a multitude of reasons is the portal pouch. This is easy to throw in your pocket, purse, in a drawer, or in the car! I used clay to create the mini Strophalos tablet and I used markers to color it in. I add in stone chips to add to the energy I need. I can pull it out before challenging meetings or conversations, simply by opening myself up to the power of the Strophalos and channeling my request through the hole in the center. I cannot tell you how many times I have been stuck on an issue or problem that suddenly had a resolution, I had an idea for a resolution, or found someone who could help with the resolution within 20 minutes. Almost insta-magic?

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The Emergency Tea Stash

There are days that we know we need help getting grounded. Maybe we need to connect in more meaningful ways with our coworkers and bosses, or we need to assert some boundaries. Maybe it is proving a little more stressful than we like. You can grab your own tea pouches at any store, put botanical allies in them and put them in a drawer at your desk. Yarrow, lavender, fennel, sage, lions mane, nettle, ginger, turmeric, and salt…all helpful in certain situations either as an emergency tea to consume (except for the salt maybe) or sprinkle at your feet and envision the plants surrounding you with the energy you need.

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On the Fly

Nurses, cashiers, first responders, veterinarians, caregivers, or even those who are in a vehicle…these are some of the tried and true magic practices to incorporate into your workday.

Those Shoes

One of my favorite nurses swears by enchanting his shoes for the day. Before he leaves the house he slides a bay leaf in the left one with his intention for the day written on it. I have a veterinarian who sits her shoes on a rose quartz mat every night to recharge them with love for the animals she will be seeing the next day.

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That Pocket

I know a fabulous hospice worker who carries a daily intention note in her pocket. I actually tried this out too and it is an effective practice in witchery by narrowing our focus and the energy we call upon each day. Bonus energy for adding an oil or essence to the sticky note to call upon.

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Talismans are super effective witchery because of how they are created, binding energies from multiple sources into a physical object. They can be used for abundance, protection, growth, change, and connection. I have slid one into my partner’s wallet on numerous occasions when he has been worried about things at work in addition to the one to keep him safe. I also have one in my car for protection while driving.

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Let the Magic Continue

While there is not a way to make a comprehensive list of all the ways we can incorporate magic into our lives in every aspect, the purpose is to connect to the magic that works for us. I would love to hear about the ways you incorporate your magic in the workplace!

A candle a key,


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