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In keeping with the great revamp, I needed to really look at my own traditions to find what feels Hygge, or cozy, warm, and sparks authentic joy. We are preparing for Yule (Winter Solstice) in the Northern Hemisphere, and I noticed that I have not felt deeply connected to Yule, the typical Winter Solstice activities, or even taken the time to contemplate what this time of year really means to me. A deeper question yet: what do I want it to mean for me? How do I want to celebrate this time of year?

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Birthing Witchmás

Witchmás was born of love, connection, and a deep longing for more. In fact, it is there in the name. ‘Más’ means ‘more’ in Spanish. As such, Witchmás is a gathering around the cauldron, to draw in those closest to you, love them where they are, and of course, to Witch more. It is the deepest part of wisdom, of Crone-season, of the longest night, to lean on each other, offer support, and intricately weave our reflections on this year together in that moment.

The Witchmás Circle

This year is the first Witchmás of what I hope to be a lifetime of them. With my closest friends, we are going to come together in this liminal space of standing in the darkest night, where we have learned to see in the dark that which we must see and share it with each other. We will celebrate the wins, share the lessons of the losses, and share our paths forward in 2022.

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Maybe there will be little gifts, they certainly are not obligatory. A part of Witching More is to see each other, validate the journeys we have been on this season, and share our desires for the next year in alignment with Witching more. Speaking our goals is powerful, being together is powerful, and this tradition is powerful.

As we revamp our witchery through purpose, passion, and magic in the next season, may whatever feels powerful find its way to you,


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