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I’m welcoming in 2022 with a full heart and witchery that aligns with the same sentiment. I am weaving together relationships, partnerships, and finding that the power of the heart is where magic really opens its doors to me. I have taken the pause, reflected, given gratitude for the lessons of 2021, and now I am listening to 2022. In an enchanting way, I have arrived at the crossroads of my witchcraft and the paradox that living it all contains.

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Doing More and Doing Less

Over the last year I was deeply inspired to get back to community and connection after almost two years of this pandemic. The paradox here is that it has led to more divisiveness than I have ever experienced in my life, but also more unity. The movements that are ever rising for education, especially on colonialism, Indigenous, Black, and People of Color issues and rights and violations, Trans issues and rights and violations, and women’s rights and violations, are front and center. It is righteous outrage. I am so grateful to be living it, to see it, to be a part of it. I am doing more connecting, more donating, more writing, more community building, more loving, and more empowering.

I am also doing less

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A part of being a full hearted witch at this juncture is doing less. It looks like focused priorities that do not value productivity over wellness. There is this tension, an incongruency that I recognize in myself as this deep rooted conditioning of what I must do to be valued or considered valuable to the world at large and what my heart longs for. It is there that paradox is found, looking and being busy is not in alignment with what my heart truly desires. My heart desires less. It is the brain that is desiring more doing. Maybe you can relate.

Together and Separate

There is great strength in numbers and hearts that align for common causes. It creates fertile landscapes for change on a larger scale. We can see the impact because it is the worker taking their power back, moving together, and forcing change in government, employment, wages, education, and the ability to demand being seen as inherently valuable just because we breathe. That is full heartedness speaking. Together we are doing it. Together we are the force of change.

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We also are doing it separately

I am learning how to clear out the clutter, how discipline is the ultimate form of selflove and selfcare, and how boundaries also create partnerships and communities that work. Choosing to cancel my prime membership (and contemplating deleting multiple applications altogether), choosing to create relationships with local farmers instead of some large grocers, and choosing to donate a little extra to causes I believe in. Instead of getting that thing that I didn’t even know existed until I saw an ad for it (or that I have no space for or that I think I will use and then…not use) and choosing to donate to the women’s shelter instead of goodwill. Choosing to support local artisans or etsy crafters instead of CEO’s that can go to space instead of paying great wages to their people. It is the individual choices that we make that make coming together powerful.

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Weaving Full Hearted Witchery

Becoming more heart focused in my craft has been a huge goal of mine. Creating and maintaining relationships fulfilling relationships has been another. In working with spider, I have come to see how all of this is connected at the center. It is where we all stand, it is the perspective from which we view our lives and the choices we make in the context of it. This year, I am deeply invested in doing magic that speaks to me, magic that is guided less by brain and more by how it feels in the moment that I am doing it. I am also building a network, a community for Sovereigns looking to grow, teach, learn, and embrace the rebellion of living life on our own terms. Together.

May 2022 find you full-hearted,


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