Renewing the Witch’s Spark: 3 Keys

You have the keys to the gates

The ones that lead to the cauldron

Upon the precipice a Witch awaits

The Spark becomes a Doctrine

The renewing of the Witch’s Spark at or around Imbolc is not a new idea or tradition. I am working to redefine how I connect to my witchcraft and my traditions, igniting my inner spark has required much more than just mind work. While I am a firm believer that mind work is required, there are three keys I have discovered. These keys are transforming what I know about connecting to my witchcraft and that which lives in the space between habit and intention.

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Between Habit and Intention

The spirit of renewal and the Witch’s Spark is a type of soul doctrine, between the Witch and the Universe, whereby the Witch is guided purposefully forward into the next season. What lives between habit and intention is the difference between kindling the spark of renewal within and fanning the flames to clear the path before us. Just as a spark and a flame are connected in essence, the three keys to the Witch’s Spark are too.

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Key #1 ~ Movement

There are different kinds of movement here, but the big three are:

  • The Body
  • The Mind
  • The Magic

The equation is connecting all three. This key has taught me that if I cannot connect with my own self/body, how am I connecting with others or with my magic? (Hint: not well!). Moving the body outdoors for a change of scenery, moving the body physically if able, or even moving (safely) within proximity to others allows me to experience this world as it is, pick up on energetic shifts, and feel into the body deeply. I can find where I am holding stress, fear, anxiety, and other sources of friction. This can be the catalyst that connects to the mind, how can we transform and transcend this friction into a spark that guides and connects us to our purpose- to our intention? How can we use this energy and intention to fan the flames of renewal in our magic?

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Key #2 ~ Meditation

There are many types or subsections of meditation, from mindfulness to shamanic journeys, but here again we are looking to connect:

  • The Body
  • The Mind
  • The Magic

I am learning here that there is unbelievable power in controlling mind and the ability to focus. Meditation is a key that opens the gate to deeper connections with the body (including the ability to heal), the ability to deeply focus the mind, and transform our magic through connecting with energy at a causal level versus effect level. When we utilize this key, we are signaling that we are ready to fan the flames of our purpose, passion, and magic.

Key #3 ~ Magic

The final key to the final gate is what has turned this season up a notch for me and yes, it is all connected:

  • The Body
  • The Mind
  • The Magic

We each have an ability, a unique magic that sets us apart from everyone else. This key beckons to us to re-member – to put back together that which has been forgotten or hidden away. The magic of our sexuality and sensuality is only one example of magic that lies within the body. The ability to connect with plants for healing is another.

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The magic of the mind is the ability to transmute or change our perception, our consciousness, and deeply think about how we are using our magic.

Are we using it only defensively? Are we only doing magic that is habitual or are we actually connecting deeply to it? How are we practicing the actual magic or witchcraft? Is it a practice or is it only when we need something? The magic (of magic) is that the only boundaries are the ones we place upon it. The moment we signal that we are leaving habit, that we are intentionally re-membering that which is unique to us, the inner Witch’s Spark is set ablaze. Renewal has begun and her Doctrine of the Season is signed.

May your spark light up the sky,


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