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The past few weeks or so has been a steady onslaught of energy that seems wildly uncontrollable and unsettling. It started after the full moon and although I can’t define it as purely restless, restlessness was a side effect. I was disconnected. I was hearing from others that they felt the same.

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While my magic assisted in reducing the restlessness, there was something else:

It felt like I was being ghosted by the universe and my Goddesses.

Not that this feeling has never happened before, but it was never so blatant. This complete disconnect. The inability to connect with my muse and the complete silence that came with it. It was almost too much – even for me. The experience led me on a small journey toward grace, gratitude, and growth.

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In this space of “too much” silence for a witch that practices daily, I found a surprising space of grace.

Silence is an answer.

Silence is a time for reflection.

It is the way of the universe to allow us the time to check our inner landscape and see what has changed that needs attention. If we know that their connection to us can be subtle (higher vibrations are like that) then what and where are we currently vibrating lower? If we are vibrating lower, is there a cause? Can you pinpoint it?

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During the most trying of times, it can be especially difficult to have an attitude of gratitude.

No, really. It’s more like an attitude of ‘WTF?!’, right? I see you.

During this time, I find it helpful to review my own Book of Reflections. This is a journal that I keep every single day. It is a part of my daily practice as a methodology to understand myself, my magic, and my own patterns.

I feel a deep sense of gratitude for the fact that I have a daily practice with a Book of Reflections because it allows me a moment to review the past few weeks or days and distinctly pull out any patterns that I see. As I am skimming over it I see:

  • Anger that I have not channeled
  • Fear that I have not sat with
  • Challenges to my own boundaries
  • Noticed the astrology information associated with each

I am grateful that I have access to this type of data. I am grateful for the silence that led me here. This is knowledge that leads to growth.

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Being ghosted by the Goddess is not actually being ghosted by the Goddess. We are disconnecting ourselves from the ability to vibrate higher to maintain the connection to Goddess and the universe. This understanding and journey through the space of silence, grace, and gratitude allows for growth and reconnection.

Book of Reflections

If you don’t have a Book of Reflections (some call it a Book of Mirrors) yet, creating one is not difficult. In fact any journal or paper will do. The difficulty is maintaining the daily practice of its use. After you have cleansed, blessed, and protected it – it is time for its use.

But what goes in it?

When do I use it?

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I keep mine next to my bed and use it twice a day (when I wake and when I settle in to sleep), but whatever works for you is what is best. Follow your intuition here and give yourself permission to play.

Here are some things that I put in my own Book of Reflections:

Upon waking:

  • Astro forecast (sun, moon, and anything that may stand out to me)
  • Dreams that I remember and my own intuitive translation of their meanings
  • 3 things I am grateful for
  • Goals for the day
  • An affirmation
  • Divination of the Day

Upon settling in for sleep:

  • Brief review of the day and my goals
  • Things that stuck out to me or that I noticed (especially peculiar things!)
  • How my divination of the day may have manifested or if there was nothing that I noticed at all.
  • My nightly ritual and how I feel in my body

A Candle & A Key,


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