What Song Are You Singing?

The New Moon for me is a special time of witchery. It’s a great time to set my intentions for the coming month and I always have this habit of wanting to be an overachiever. I hold myself to a higher standard because I have these goals within the many facets or layers of myContinue reading “What Song Are You Singing?”

Revelation of Silence

The Universe came for tea today (of course she did!) to sit with me in silence. I was not uncomfortable with the silence but aware of it. I became more aware of my body, the sounds of my home, the birds chirping outside, the sunlight coming through the blinds and even though I had beenContinue reading “Revelation of Silence”

The Wolf and The Witch

I rang in the New Year aside my partner, little people, and some great friends. I confess it was an awesome party and that I am still finding pieces of confetti in odd places. I also confess that it was the last week of December that led me to find what I really am hopefulContinue reading “The Wolf and The Witch”

Being the Beacon: Drawing your Energy Back to You

  I have been deep in contemplation and internal reflection. It is cyclical in how I practice my own gratitude for all that is and my journey forward in this life. It can be intense, as I am focused on releasing, recalling, and renewing within a short span of time. For me, recalling and renewingContinue reading “Being the Beacon: Drawing your Energy Back to You”

The Road To Bliss

The sun has set on this Harvest Celebration Day, and I am reminded that there are many of us that are finding it especially difficult to traverse the path that brings many families together this time of year. Whether it is those of us that are remaining in the broom closet due to the closedContinue reading “The Road To Bliss”

When Ugly Strikes

I was a part of a ritual recently in my craft and there were so many people who had the most beautiful and connected experience. I mean, they spoke of their experience after this ritual and I became at odds with myself because my experience was not even remotely similar. I didn’t feel connected. IContinue reading “When Ugly Strikes”

Sacred Space and Time

I have spoken about requirements for both spells and for moving within my own life in an article on Perseverance . Awareness, intention, and effort are not new constructs. I am not inventing a new wheel. I am, however, continuously building my awareness of what I need at any given point in time where IContinue reading “Sacred Space and Time”

Perseverance: Sovereignty in the Face of Adversity

The Universe has a funny way of putting me where I need to be. Sometimes I petition her for help, other times I am a part of the plan to get someone else where they need to be. There are also times where she sends me signs and warnings that I must let go ofContinue reading “Perseverance: Sovereignty in the Face of Adversity”

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